Why We Do, What We do

Wagging Pal believes that all the pets should be treated well and live a happy life.As such it has developed Trinidad and Tobago's first pet adoption mobile application.

The concept for this FREE service came about after the passing of the Dangerous Dog act of June 2014 by the parliament of Trinidad and Tobago. Which saw a huge spike in dog abandonment by irresponsible owners.Therefore one of the platforms main goal is to reduce animal abandonment over a five year period down to 3% per year.

Wagging Pal’s innovated technology would aid all local pet shelters, breed kennels, and canine registries. It aims to help them to promote all their pets to the general public via a FREE easy to use platform which is accessible on iOS devices, Android device and via its website (waggingpal.com).All users would be able to downloadthis application FREE of charge as we believe that this would be the only way to get all those pets into forever happy homes.

This service is being backed and supported by the T&T Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(TTSPCA), The Federation For Canine Registration of Trinidad and Tobago(FCRTT), Royal Valley ID Systems Ltd, Royal Valley German Shepherd Kennels, Pro Detection S.A.R Ltd, Trovan, Natures Variety, Pro Dog Ltd and grant funded by Ministry of Planning of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

As we move forward into the future you can be certain to see this platform help in the transformation of the local, and regional pet industry.

Wagging Pal – Find a Fluffy Pal Near You!